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Liposuction Surgery in Delhi

Liposuction is a popular cosmetic procedure that uses suction to reduces excess fat deposits between the skin and muscle. This technique works well on stubborn fat deposits despite a strict diet and active physical procedures.

We at SCI Hospital offer the best cost of Liposuction Surgery in Delhi. Get expert consultation & know more about Liposuction procedures, cost, treatments etc.

Why Choose SCI International Hospital for Liposuction Surgery

Traditional Liposuction vs. VASER Lipo

Usually General Anaesthesia
Local Anaesthesia plus Intravenous sedation
Higher completion rate
Very low completion rate
Not good for fibrous tissues (love. handles , bra role, male patients )
Gives great results even in delicate areas and fibrous tissues
Significant blood loss
Minimal blood loss
Pain medication often needed
Minimal pain medication needed
Longer recovery time,return to work within days or weeks
Fast recovery time,return to work within few days
Usually requires overnight hospital stay
No overnight stay required

Patients Love Us

“I would like to thank whole team of SCI International Hospital who took care of mine. Dr. Manish Gupta is amazing doctor and nice human being. The hospital provides best facility and patient care.


The facilities are very clean and the staff is super helpful and attentive. Highly recommended.”

Shilpa Malhotra


Body Areas Targeted for Liposuction Treatment

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