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Why SCI International Hospital

We being the only hospital in the segment with full NABH Accreditation, we have State-of-the-art facilities and minimally invasive procedure for the treatment of kidney stone with No Risk of recurrence, No Pain, No Stitches and No Scars. Our Vision is to position the hospital as a leader providing Affordable and Quality Healthcare Services based on sound scientific principles.

What are Kidney Stone?

Kidney stones are hard deposits of salts and minerals that can develop a small portion of the kidney, known as the renal pelvis. The stones that enter a ureter are referred to as ureteral stones.

Most stones are so tiny that they can pass out of your system within a few days or weeks without requiring any treatment. It is advised to drink lots of water and simply wait for the stones to pass through.

But larger stones get stuck in the renal pelvis and require surgical or other possible treatment, depending on their size and position.

Symptoms of Kidney Stone:

Usually, a kidney stone may not have any signs and symptoms unless it moves within the kidney or passes into the ureter – a tube linking the kidney and urinary bladder. At that point, you’ll experience the following signs and symptoms:


Consult a Doctor at SCI International Hospital for Permanent Removal of Kidney Stones.

Cost of Kidney Stone Treatment

The cost of kidney stone treatment depends on the type of procedure required. Also Kidney Stone treatment surgery may be covered by the medical insurance policy and we provides 0% EMI Option to our patients 

To know more about the cost of treatment, contact our patient care coordinators at +91-8287901620

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I have made remarkable and full recovery thanks to you quick and caring staff. I will be forever grateful to everyone at SCI for the care i Received.

Binod Sharma
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” A combination of Experienced Doctors and Excellent Management “


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