Experience Matters When You Are Due

Early Bed Booking Benefits:

Get Call Back from a Coordinator

Maternity Services Offered By Us Are:

Conceptional Counselling ( Family Planning)

Antenatal Check up

Nutritionist Consultation & diet chart

Prenatal Exercise classes on request

Delivery Care

Hearing Check up of new born

Neonatologist Care

Postnatal Care

Lactation counseling

Immunization Schedules

Why Choose Us

Advanced labour pain management with piped entonox and epidural facility

Specialised LDRs
String track record for managing Extremely Premature and Low Birth Weight Babies
24/7 in-house Radiology (Ultrasound) & Pathology support
Advanced Fetal Medicine Centre
Specialists with international training and experience
Advocate Kangaroo Care
Skin-to-skin contact immediately post-birth

Patient Testimonials

What Our Patient Are Saying.

Just a note to say my baby is doing fine and gaining weight. We want to say a big “thank you” to you all for everything you did for us.


I cannot express how grateful I was to them both, their kindness, sense of humour and calmness made the whole experience one I will remember.


My OB appointments were always great and extremely thorough, which I appreciated. we were treated like family by everyone we encountered.


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